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Being the Best Blockchain Development Company, CHAINTECH GmbH offers Premier Blockchain Development Services & Solutions that facilitates startups & enterprises to leverage decentralization, transparency and automation in business. Our Blockchain Development Services focus on improving the Blockchain use case to its participants. The Services serve different spheres of influence through its widespread usability and utility contributing in multiple domains.


Our Blockchain Development Services are instrumental in availing the Crypto aspirants with quality service through quantity benefits. These services can very well find use in the Private as well as Enterprise Blockchain Solutions.


The main purpose of Token Development as well as Altcoin development is to
avail an alternate mode of monetizing assets and adding value to trade. Our service has led to the Decentralization, which accompanies plenty.


The Non-Fungible Tokens are the recent but unique trends in the current
Cryptosphere. The NFTs as well as its marketplace execute buy, bid, sell and creation of digital assets making use of our Blockchain Development services.


Transaction and trade related operations have availed an alternative mode to
be monitored digitally. The Transactions are monitored through predefined softwares powered by Blockchain called Smart Contracts solving the disputes.


The Exchange Development is the primary zone benefitted with our service. Our
services satisfy different requirements serving different applications operating over various chains available in the current trends.


The Decentralized Finances clears out the need for middlemen to monitor
financial services. The DeFi Development is obtained by enlisting Blockchain as its backbone network for operations. Our mainly focuses on this.


DeFi executes core functionalities such as the Exchange, Liquidity
provisions, Farming and Staking through making use of their Decentralized Applications(DApp). This process is made effective through our quality service.


The Exchange App and Wallets serve the Cryptopreneurs and aspirants through
their inherent chains. The wallets and apps serve as the basic modes to obtain monetisation through making use of our Blockchain Development.

Blockchain Software Development Services for Various Industries

CHAINTECH the best in the market Blockchain Software Development Company Serve different industry verticals through its Blockchain Software Development Services. Our services include design and development of applications delivering specific functions to serve different audiences seeking multi-use case.

Supply Chain

Supply chain usually involves loads and lots of scheduling and pre-assigning processes. On successful assigning process, tracking of the process progress is carried out. The process would have consumed a very large amount of Energy and Time, in the olden days, but made far more easier through.


Health care initially involved tedious processes and numerous paper works for the main process to be completed. The Health industry both Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics involved process progress and grant of access through large scale use cases of papyrus, which is largely reduced by Blockchain.


The Finance Sector is also a primary beneficiary of the Blockchain Services. With Plenty of services associated such as withdrawal, transfer, Lending and Funding, the Finance Sector has multiple complex processes before carrying out the actual process which is made easy through our DLT Technology.


Probably Banking was the service which involved the extreme degree of complexity along with a considerably higher paper work. With the introduction of Blockchain
Technology the use cases of paperworks have been largely reduced and the process progress was entirely monitored through Softwares.


Logistics involves implementation and detailed organisation pertaining to the complex process. Logistics may be defined as a collective term specifying the process involved in bringing in contact the in-line actual intended process. Blockchain monitor and keep track of accessing general attributes involved.


Education sector needs Blockchain Technology in cases relating to the student-Teacher attendance status, Leave Status, performance status etc. The services can be extended to that of the Library data processing, School and college health monitoring reports etc similar to that of CRM Software Function.


Manufacturing is a complex and set of streamlined processes that would require a large amount of precision in product delivery. The precision in product delivery can be readily availed through the efficient tracking of the design and development proces making
use of our DLT Technology developed.


Manufacturing is a complex and set of streamlined processes that would require a large amount of precision in product delivery. The precision in product delivery can be readily availed through the efficient tracking of the design and development process making
use of our DLT Technology developed.


Insurance is also the key domain largely benefitted through the Blockchain use case. Insurance domain is much similar to the FinTech and banking sector and consumes a voluminous amount of data and paperwork. With the evolution of Blockchain Technology the Data have become easily accessible.

Our Core Blockchain Solutions & Services

At MiroTech we combine creativity and technology to create innovative software and app solutions.

The Exchanges can be developed as Centralized Exchange, Decentralized
Exchange, Hybrid Exchanges as per the Cryptopreneurs preferences. The Exchanges serve as the direct entities serving the cause of Crypto aspirants. The Exchanges are a prior need of every
Crypto audience to buy, bid and sell Cryptocurrencies to attain most modern means of monetisation.

Our Blockchain Services find use in Token Creation on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron Blockchains. We develop tokens on different standards like ERC20, BEP20, TRC20, ERC721, BEP721, ERC1155, etc. The Tokens thus developed may be used for general Crypto benefits or else to serve specific use cases. The Specific use cases include the Non- Fungible.

We develop White Label NFT MarketPlace on Ethereum, Tron, Binance Chain, Huobi ECO Chain etc. our NFT Marketplace is a cross-platform compliant product executing its use cases and services through multiple modes of availability. The modes through which our platform serve Cryptosphere include, basic software as well as through mobile apps available.

DeFi based solutions include the platforms delivering Exchange, Swapping, Staking and Yield Farming services. Decentralized Financial Solutions and services are sought for their precision in service delivery. These are mainly sought by Cryptosphere mainly for the Entirely Decentralized Process involving no middlemen for carrying out the transactions of trading.

We develop DeFi based DEX Exchanges similar to PancakeSwap, UniSwap, PantherSwap, etc.. The DEXes can be obtained on different Blockchains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Tron, etc. The Exchanges, rather than just swapping assets, contribute to the attributes defining the considerable passive income to users through CryptoStaking and Yield Farming.

We offer Smart Contract Development & Smart Contract Auditing Services for all kinds of businesses. Smart Contracts account for the reasons to attain consensus and offer multiple specific functionalities. These definite Software codes serve as the mediator monitoring complex transactions. They also solve disputes from both buyer and seller ends through brilliant business.

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